The Pitchfork Pizza Difference


The Pitchfork Pizza concept begins with the true Neapolitan pizza as the basis for the menu.

Wood-fired ovens fueled by American oak logs cook pizzas in just minutes at a temperature up to 900 degrees. We use only traditional ingredients in the dough,hand-stretched on marble slabs which produces the famous chewy, crunchy crust and characteristic black char. San Marzano tomatoes and Italian mozzarella cheese complete the authenticity.

But at Pitchfork Pizza, that is where tradition ends. Unlike most Neapolitan pizza restaurants which provide traditional Italian dishes in Italian inspired surroundings, Pitchfork Pizza offers fun and interesting pizza combinations complimented with classic sports bar fare, often served with a Nashville twist. As with our other restaurant concepts, we will continue to follow the farm-to-table theme (or in this case, farm-to-pie) by utilizing as many locally sourced and seasonal foods as possible along with high quality fresh and imported ingredients in our scratch kitchen.

Our cooking philosophy is based on efficient recipes, such as the 4-ingredient dough, that produce simple, beautiful, great tasting food. The affordable food menu consists of popular appetizers, fresh salads, delicious oven-baked grinders, house-smoked brisket, 14” thin-crust “Parlor Pizzas”, and 12” wood-fired pizzas available three ways:


Red (with San Marzano tomatoes),

White (with alfredo sauce}

Fried (a true gastronomic experience with a deep-fried crust topped with our classic tomato sauce and a variety of ingredient combinations).


The beverage program follows many of the same philosophies, using local Tennessee ingredients to create some of Nashville’s finest hand-crafted cocktails as well as serving a variety of local craft beers on tap and in bottles and cans. We will strive to get to know every guest and make sure that we treat everyone like family. Pitchfork Pizza will quickly become a favorite neighborhood hangout, local family gathering spot or casual dining location for a business lunch or evening date.